• HIPAA Compliance Program designed and driven by a cross-functional task force.
  • Privacy officer designated for policy implementation, staff training, and monitoring associates.
  • Officer designated for policy implementation, security of systems.
  • Dedicated team of software programmers developing HIPAA compliant transaction interfaces for our software, MTS.
  • Completed over 500 man-hours of awareness programs covering all employees.
  • Ongoing training and testing programs link HIPAA education to staff rewards.
  • A HIPAA resource-directory updates employees on regulations, news and events.
  • Every employee signs confidentiality agreement.
  • Access to applications/databases defined on 'need to know' and 'minimum necessary' basis
  • Spot audits on HIPAA compliance.
  • HIPAA compliant procedures under implementation in risk areas like:
    • data processing
    • fax and e-mail communication to external agencies
    • storage, retrieval and/or disposal of reports and physical records

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