With access to remote locations and with the technology available now, Transcriptions are now crossing the international borders to substantially reduce transcription costs.

Medical Transcription

Skryption is committed to provide quality, cost controlled medical transcription services customized to each client’s requirements. Using cutting edge technology and the industry’s most experienced health information specialist, we are able to provide custom solutions for any client’s problems. We are committed to venture into the new areas of Medical Transcription by adopting the advances in Medical Sciences and Information Technology. We keep pace with the advances in technology and integrates the best in its transcription services. Our work force comprises of highly educated, trained and experienced Medical Transcription Professionals. We employ the best practices and processes and continuously evaluate them to make our service more competent.

We offer a number of significant advantages that makes us an excellent choice as your Medical Transcription service provider. We believe in accuracy and pay attention to every detail which we believe are the most important factors in the field of Medical Transcription. Variation in speech patterns, various English accents and dialects, as well as continuous development in the lexicon of medicine and technology require specialized and expertise with continuous evolution of the process. We are committed to ensuring all these changes in our best practices and ensure transcription accuracy.

We accurately transcribe medical reports from hospitals, clinics, private groups, and health professionals. We provide a TAT of 4 hours to 24 hours depending on client’s request at very reasonable and competitive rates.

Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription Service combines voice dictation transcription with conversion of physical data into electronic format for electronic storage and retrieval. Whether you require the transcription of a summons, court hearing, depositions, witness statements, and complaint or the transcription of an evidentiary tape, Skryption provides professional transcription solutions for all your needs.

Skryption offers full array cost-effective Legal Transcription Service with high accuracy, fastest turnaround and most competitive prices providing 100% feedback and reporting at client's site.

We understand that legal transcription require very high standard of confidentiality which means that our employees will be involved in your project on a need to know basis.

We provide:

End to end case processing support.
Document tracking, processing and management.
Legal transcription of recorded dictations on specified templates.
Data Analysis & Entry of back office records.
Image to data conversion of documents.
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